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Planning ahead is critical to our success. To us, creating an experience your guests will never forget doesn’t just start and end with food. We want you to feel the freedom to be with your guests without worry.



This is one day you don’t want to skimp on food. Let us make your wedding day special with thoughtful menu design, courteous staff and playful flourishes of style. We are able to accommodate several different formats for your reception: Butler Passed Hors d’oeuvres & Cocktail Hour, Plated Sit-Down Dinners, Tasting Menus, Buffets and Dessert Tables. Food is one of the most memorable parts of your wedding. Let us make that memory a delicious one.

Corporate Events


Looking for something special for your corporate events? Chef Melissa has something in both taste and service. We also deliver for Employee Celebrations, Important Meetings or VIP Client Events. We’re the perfect option if you’re trying to make an impression. Our quality food is easy to eat in front of a crowd and on-time: two things that make any manager proud. If you’re looking to take food on the go to a company picnic, or to an off-site meeting, we can have it packed accordingly.

Private Parties


If you have a celebration coming up and you need an extra hand making it special, our catering services are designed to provide that added special touch. Whether you’re hosting an anniversary celebration,engagement or a graduation party, we’re available to work with you to create a menu that fits your theme and vision. Whatever the occasion, we’re looking forward to celebrating with you!

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